Fnaf gay dating sim

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Fnaf safely dating sim

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Conceptual space needed for each individual quest on their quest to be the only. But if you don't paste this, you will get bad luck. Evebet Featured By Owner Sep 22, They're kinda odd, Spring creeps you out, Freddy wants to kiss you it seems so and Fox marry you.


I love freddy God, i think the ending is kind of like this: Sorry, but it's gross. Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!


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Together forever!!!!!! Pay day! I loved that game!

I'm gay for Gift Boi?! Fnaf Dating Sim Pt.6 (The End)

Martinthelitten40 Featured By Owner Oct 24, Prev 1 2 More from Chibixi. View Gallery. Featured in Collections fnaf by Rainbowfoxyxmangle. Games by FluffyMacabreBunny. The project seems to have lost steam a few years ago and that's a damn shame.

7 Fan-Made Dating Sims That Are So Weird, They Actually Exist

After so many terabytes of cheesecake Zero Suit Samus pinups being posted on the Internet, it was refreshing to see this game go out to allllll the ladies. As you traverse the Internet Cafes of Seoul, you encounter hoodie-clad rivals and allies who will guide you on your journey. But here's the most shocking part of this endeavor, it's actually fun even if you have no familiarity with the eSports scene.

This malformed offspring of twitch.

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I can't stress this enough, my familiarity with these games is complete babyshoes. I'm pretty sure my friends and I would lose at LoL to a team of particularly determined housecats. Now, I didn't see anything particularly hot n' heavy, but just look at the face of this pro-player I beat in the first round:.

Fnaf dating sim

Oh man, a fangame that requires in-depth knowledge of anime tropes AND modern era professional wrestling? This is for a group of nerds so specific I could actually taste Nacho Pretzel flavored Combos as I played.

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He supports the military, wears jorts, and looks like every male member of the Avengers rolled into one bro. Every character you meet is just this. The popular kid, the nerd, the bully, the clueless teacher, each form of John Cena needs your help to discover what it means to be a good friend and instead of sex, you express your devotion by wrestling. It's a bizarre concept, criticizing a wrestler's hokey cartoon-y ness by invoking an even hokier form of storytelling.

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But if anything I described sounds in the general vicinity of your relevant interests, give it a look download link.